Baseball Goal Book
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Daily Diary and Progress System created by legendary coach Joe "The Hit Doctor" Barth

What is Goalbook?

Hit Doctor Goalbook is a comprehensive workbook where we create an individual development plan for each player to achieve his genetic potential for baseball over an extended period of time.

It begins with an assessment of where the player is at this exact time. Then he or she sets Long Term and Short Term Goals for where they would like to be.

Finally we build a "business plan" for this individual player to eventually reach their goals!

The Hit Doctor Goalbook is not just another log book. Your coach can monitor, be alerted and moderate your success plan on a regular basis. Combined with periodic testing coaches can see exactly what each player on the team is doing every day and see that their plan is working.

About Joe "The Hit Doctor" Barth

Regarded by many pro and college coaches as one of the finest hitting instructors in America today, Joe Barth has worked with hundreds of thousands of hitters across the country.

The "Hit Doctor" has used his unmatched expertise, along with this Goalbook to send over 50,000 players onto college baseball as well as over 200 players to MLB, including Angels great Mike Trout.

"Joe Barth is one of the most knowledgeable, hardest-working baseball instructors in the country! I’ve been in professional baseball for 21 years…9 as a player, 12 as a minor league coach and scout, and Joe is as good, if not better than any hitting coach in professional baseball today.

Will George - Scouting Supervisor, Florida Marlins